Baby Gender Choice  


Can you really predict baby gender before conception?  There are plenty of people who firmly believe it can be done. 


It was only after we had our second boy, that the visiting midwife started discussing the possibilities for ensuring our third child would be a girl (my wife would love a little girl in her male dominated life).  Previously I’d never heard any theories regarding the possibility of being able to predict baby gender, otherwise we’d have tried them when trying to conceive our second child (not that I’d change my youngest boy now, he is a real star!).


The ideas we discussed intrigued me to the point where I “googled” the subject to see if the midwife was right or wrong. 


I found a book on the subject called The Baby Gender Choice that I actually bought on impulse.  It was an intriguing read and confirmed that gender selection could be influenced at time of conception.  To back up the book’s claims, the author had tons of testimonials that appear genuine from lots of happy couples who are now “with child” after reading the book and implementing it’s recommendations.


We’ve not tried for our third baby yet (I don’t think I can take those sleepless nights again!), so I can’t tell you for sure that it has worked for us, but I did lend the book to our friends and they conceived a little girl they were hoping for.  So was it luck or was it the book?  They swear it was the book.  


So what is some of the theory behind baby gender selection?


determining baby gender


Well it is suggested that the man’s Y chromosome sperm use their energy quicker than the X chromosome sperm, because they apparently swim faster than the ‘X’ sperm.  Why is this important to know?  Well the Y chromosome will create a boy and the X chromosome will create a girl.  Boys quicker than girls, but no stamina, that sounds about right!


Therefore if you know that the male Y chromosome sperm will get to the fallopian tubes first, but will not hang around long once it gets there, whereas the female X chromosome sperm will take longer, but also live longer once there, it makes sense that if you want to influence the sex of your baby, you need to plan the timing of making it around the mother’s ovulation.

predict baby gender









Knowing the woman’s ovulation cycle is therefore critical if you want to influence or predict baby gender.


In simple terms, if you want a little girl, you should make love early, around 4 to 5 days before she is due to ovulate.  By the time the egg arrives, the male sperm will have died, leaving the female sperm free to fertilize the egg.  If you want a bouncing baby boy, you should wait to have intercourse until one day before ovulation, so that the speedy make sperm get to the egg first!  It takes about twenty minutes for the sperm to reach the fallopian tubes.


So that is the basics of how to predict baby gender.  Now, the book I talked about at the beginning goes into a lot more detail than I have. 


It discusses in depth how to exactly pinpoint the date of ovulation which is obviously crucial to the whole selection process.  It also discusses how diet and position can influence fertility and gender, plus lots more specifics that can potentially determine the gender.


Baby Gender Choice 














If you’re looking to conceive in the near future and have a preference as to whether it’s a boy or girlThe Baby Gender Choice is a must read. 


Hope you find the book as good a read as I did!



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